For long-lasting use of dental implants

Brushing twice a day, irrigator several times a week, professional dental hygiene each six months – it is a programme to provide not only long-lasting life of implants, but also good general oral health.


You have just received a new prosthesis and everything you have to know about the care you must heard from your doctor. But if you are just about to get the procedure or you want to refresh your knowledge, it is worth remembering that care for implants consists of three components.

1. Teeth brushing

In the case of implant-supported dentures, it is identical to the brushing of natural teeth: brushing twice a day, cleaning of all the surfaces, paying special attention to the line where tooth (or prosthesis) is attached to the gums. Each time not only front and upper surface should be brushed, but also inside surface and between the teeth using specific toothbrushes with thin bristles. No need for special toothpaste, but prefer toothbrush with soft bristle. If you have removable denture remember to brush it and also remember to put it overnight in special solution for dentures – your doctor will help you to decide which solution is suitable for you.

2. Rinsing of oral cavity

Additional antibacterial effect can be achieved with rinsing of oral cavity after teeth brushing – second step of dental care. Recommended rinsing solutions are those which do not dry the oral mucosa, otherwise mouthwash only increases the possibility of gum diseases. For daily care of natural teeth, it is sufficient; however, for implants, it is suggested to use special device for rinsing – irrigator – several times a week (exact frequency, ask your doctor). It works with pulsatile flow of liquid – water or mouthwash.

Use of irrigator helps to clean the plaque in the places where it is hard to reach with a toothbrush. It massages the gums and increases the blood flow, thereby preventing diseases, lowers the risk of caries, helps sensitive teeth and freshens breath.

3. Regular dental hygiene.

However, there are things which you cannot perform at home, despite good toothpaste and perfect brushing discipline. To remove tartar and plaque, visit dental hygienist regularly. At least twice a year is the recommended frequency – it is a worthwhile contribution in your health and peace of mind.

Dental hygienists in Dental Art clinic not only professionally cleanse your oral cavity, but also can answer even the most specific questions regarding the care of your implants.