Alla Radzjuna

Alla is our dentist.

She has graduated from Riga Stradins University and has also studied at Dr. Sergey Radlinsky’s (Ukraine) masterclass of esthetic restoration front teeth and side teeth.

In the end of secondary school, I started thinking about my future career and understood that I like biology, physiology, chemistry as well as languages and literature. In addition, I like communicating and help people. So, an idea to become a dentist came to my mind. Also, my mother was a dentist and told me what an interesting job it was.
When I have a spare time, I prefer active rest– roller-skating and cycling in summer and skiing in winter. I enjoy traveling, widen my horizon, discover new and interesting things. Sometimes I paint in my free time.

I believe that a human is born to be happy, the same as a bird is born to fly.