The advantages of dental implants

or 12 reasons to choose dental implants

li-style Esthetics and naturalness

Crowns on implants look and function like natural teeth. No one will even guess that your teeth are NOT of your own! Dental implantation will give you a beautiful smile and self-confidence. You can freely smile, laugh, kiss, eat and drink. Live a full life!

li-style Restoring important physiological functions

Crowns on implants are not only nice and comfortable, but also necessary for restoring important physiological functions!

А) Restoring a chewing function – you will feel comfortable when eating!

You do not have to change your menu after dental prosthetics. Dental implants are identical with your natural teeth, so you can enjoy your favorite foods without any limitations.

B) Speech and diction

When choosing dental implants, you can be sure that your diction and your voice will stay the same or will even get better because dental implants will not cause any inconveniences when speaking.

li-style Safety and reliability

To make dental implants, titanium is used. It is an absolutely safe material that has a number of advantages such as the following:

А) Titanium has a high biological compatibility with human body tissues.

B) Titanium does not make chemical reactions, so after implantation there will be no skin irritations that are possible in case of removable dental prosthesis.

C) Titanium is not attacked by corrosion, therefore it is very reliable and safe.

li-style Preserving neighbor teeth

To make a dental implant, it is not necessary to grind off neighbor teeth, which is necessary when making a dental bridge, because the implant replaces the teeth root.

li-style Preserving face features, youth and beauty

When teeth have been absent for a long period of time, the atrophy of the bone tissue starts in oral cavity, which leads to face shape deformation, lips line distortion, and numerous face wrinkles around the mouth. Implants help avoid such problems and restore a nice shape of the face. You will look the same as you did with all your natural teeth.

li-style Durability and guarantees

Dental implant will serve you at least 10 years but probably much longer. All manufacturers provide from a 5 years warranty up to lifetime warranty on all dental implants.

li-style No pain after implantation

You will not feel your implants in your mouth after they are implanted. No unpleasant feelings that are possible after unsuccessful prosthetics.

li-style No need to get used to

Dental implants do not need long adjustment. After implanting a tooth, you will live the same life as you did before, not even noticing the dental implant – you can speak, eat, laugh. No inconveniences, no complexes.

li-style No special care

Crowns on dental implants are to be brush the same way as your natural teeth. No extra efforts and long-lasting procedures as compared with cleaning prosthesis.

li-style No unpleasant surprises

Dental implants will not slip and will not break in the least favorable moment. Therefore, you should not worry about possible awkward situations. Live your full life with no limitations!

li-style High probability of success

Inserting dental implants leads to no complications in 95-98% of cases. Even if due to some illness the dental implant is not grown successfully at once, it does after the second try.

li-style Almost no contraindications and age limitations

Dental implants are advised to be applied to patients aged from 16-18 up to eternity. An absolute contraindication to dental implantation is only serious illnesses as strokes, infarctions, tuberculosis, oncological, mental and some other illnesses. With the help of modern technologies, dental implants are possible for almost everyone!