Sapphire braces

Beautiful teeth are a secret of a pleasant and attractive smile. However, a bad bite can spoil it. An incorrect bite is not just a cosmetic defect – it can badly influence the functioning of the whole body, for example, cause gastrointestinal tract problems. It has become much easier to make bite correction nowadays, not only for children, but also for adults.
There are several types of dental braces, but as regards vestibular braces (these are dental braces attached on the front surface of teeth), sapphire braces are the most esthetically attractive because they are almost invisible on the teeth. Thanks to modern solutions, sapphire braces are more reliable and long-lasting than ceramic braces that are visually similar.


Advantages of sapphire braces


Sparkling transparent dental braces on the teeth resemble gemstones, and sapphire is a precious stone, indeed. These braces look like a teeth decoration.

li-styleTransparent and almost invisible

As compared with metal braces, sapphire ones are transparent because they are made of sapphire crystals, therefore teeth correction is not obvious and people almost do not notice these dental braces.

li-styleEco-friendly and allergy-free

Artificial sapphire is completely harmless for teeth and, unlike metal braces, is allergy-free.
Comfortable and do not affect speech
Sapphire braces can be made in good quality in small sizes – they are almost not felt in the mouth, they are easy to get used to, and they do not affect patient’s speech.


Sapphire braces are firmly attached to the teeth, so the construction is to be corrected more seldom.

li-styleNot coloured by food

Tea and coffee lovers will appreciate not only the quality of sapphire braces, but also their long-lasting colour as transparent sapphire braces do not change their colour and are not coloured by food and drinks. So, you can go on drinking tea and coffee as well as eating different products.

Sapphire braces require the same care as metal ones – they do not need any additional care. When wearing dental braces, a patient can consume any foods, however, solid products like nuts should be eaten with care.

Prior to sapphire braces placement, as well as prior to any dental braces placement, caries is to be treated and odontolith is to be removed.