Preventive Dental Check-Up

The best way to save healthy teeth and prevent them from necessity to have complicated dental procedures is taking preventive dental measures in time, detecting possible dental problems with the specialist as well as observing dental hygiene and care. The specialists in our dental clinic suggest their patients to have a preventive Dental Check-Up or checking the teeth with the specialist at least once a year. This procedure keeps patients informed on their teeth condition and, if necessary, helps to solve dental problems at the early stage, while it keeps dentists regularly updated on their patients’ teeth condition and, if necessary, helps to make a more precise treatment plan. If there are no complaints, patients could make a preventive Dental Check-Up with the dentist in one visit.

Preventive Dental Check-Up process

In the clinic, a patient completes a special medical form to indicate the information on his health condition. This is necessary for a dentist to make the most appropriate treatment plan for this particular patient in case of necessity.

When talking to the patient, the dentist finds out if there are some complaints or possible dental problems that might worry the patient.

The dentist checks the patient’s teeth, makes notes of his teeth condition as well as checks the gums measuring the depth of the periodontal pockets with a special dental instrument.  This allows to prevent the beginning of gums recession process.

If during the check-up the dentist finds some dental problem of some particular teeth to be solved, the digital dental X-ray is made.

If no dental problems are found by the dentist at the Dental Check-Up, to be completely safe, the patient is advised to make a panoramic X-ray (orthopantomogram) that allows the dentist to evaluate the general condition of the health of mouth and jaws and detect possible problems that cannot be seen.

Taking into consideration the information provided by the patient as well as dental check-up and panoramic X-ray results, the dentist makes a treatment plan to indicate in detail all the necessary procedures aimed to improve he health of the patient’s teeth. If no dental problems are found, the dentist can recommend having a dental hygiene.

The treatment plan is sent to the patient by e-mail within 3 days.