Herman Galdetsky

Big and sincere thanks to Dental Art for tooth pain relief! I came from Moscow to have the dental treatment here as my friends recommended this company to me.

As my particular case asked for special attention, I was very nervous. Fortunately, all my fears were in vain: I had maximum attention and, what is more important, highly professional help. I have no more toothache!

Thank you once again for understanding, care and professional attitude. Your staff is just perfect!

Svetlana Kardele

I went to the dentist for the toothache. I liked the service, administrating girls were very polite. I liked the dental treatment, everything at the highest level.

Peter Gubarevich

Before coming to Dental Art I was afraid of dentists but Dr. Sergey Andrievsky easily dispelled my fears.

I've never met such a level of understanding and attention to the patient anywhere. Dental implants placed in Dental Art a couple of years ago are still fine.

Natalia Shatz

I don't usually arrange my medical treatment through group-on websites. However, I got the coupon for oral hygiene with a 50% discount from my friend who couldn't use it herself.

Despite the fact that the procedure cost half the price, it was 100% completed. I liked the oral hygiene procedure, it was thorough and well-done.

The hygienist paid her attention to a small dark spot on my tooth and recommended to check it with my dentist. The administrator made out the receipt and reminded that it can be handed in to State Revenue Service. A pleasant detail, indeed.

Kind, careful attitude. I recommend it.

Dace Rolava

It's been a year since the dentist's efforts resulted into my dental implant.

I'm so thankful for being attentive, delicate and work quality and precision!

Valeria Storozhenko

When my middle line "slipped", I decided to have dental brackets. They were placed on the upper jaw and I've been wearing them for 2 years. Then, my orthodontist said that brackets have to be placed on the lower jaw as well, otherwise I'll have the incorrect bite. To put it mildly, I was shocked.

I changed the orthodontist, and have been visiting Dr. Alkadi during the last year of having dental brackets. He understood my situation very quickly, I got it easier with him. He indicated the particular dates, didn't jam tomorrow and pointed out that brackets will be taken off in 3-4 corrections. That's what happened.

We had no communication difficulties, spoke Latvian and English (when it was hard for me to speak Latvian), sometimes the assistant helped translating.

Doctor Alkadi is a good specialist. He does what he says, with no uncertainties.

Yuriy Zhitkov

I am a sea captain with 40 years of experience, so I got used to situations when toothache can come all of a sudden somewhere at sea. So I visited both luxurious dental clinics in Rotterdam and Boston and terrifying dental services in unsteady tents in Africa.

So I can compare the service level. Doctor Yogita each time surprises me with being so punctual (if my appointment is at 10 o'clock, 3 minutes to 10 I am sitting in the dental chair, while exactly at 10 I am asked to open my mouth) and so kind. As to her professional attitude, it is just obvious and goes without saying in such a great dental clinic.

Thank you to the clinic and my daughter for her advice to come here!

Natalia Pelipenko

Excellent clinic! Our family have been getting our dental treatment here for many years. A special thanks goes to all the doctors for their patience and for helping my 4-year old son Grisha. Our stress is gone now!

Now he is smiling and his beautiful teeth are shining. Most importantantly though - Grisha is not afraid of dentists anymore, but respects and loves them! Thanks to Sergey, Alla, Yogita and all the assistants!

John Hakala

Dental Art's service level and professionality is flawless.

I was treated for a missing tooth. The clinic arranged three visits, spread over two trips. I got an implant and a crown. The cost was way below Swedish clinics. Even when counting tickets, hotel, restaurants and shopping.

And, not at least, for the first time in life I look forward to go to the dentist. Riga is a lovely city and the staff at Dental Art is so friendly and caring.


I had an urgent situation when my wisdom tooth had do be removed. Dr. Artjomenko did an amazing job to remove it and keep me calm, even though it wasn’t an easy case.

Plus you get a support afterwards in case of any questions or complications. Also, great communication with the staff at the reception!