What kind of implant to choose?

Do I need dental implants? How do I choose dental implants? How do I choose a dental implant surgeon? We are sure that many people who need dental restoration have thought about placing dental implants but may lack information about where to start.

Here is a small guide about how the dental implantation process is organized at Dental Art and what kind of implants we offer at our clinic.

So, first things first. When you decide that you would like to know more about the dental implant process and how it can help restore your teeth, please contact us to book a consultation with one of our dental implant surgeons. At your first visit to the clinic, a Panoramic X-ray will be taken of your jaw and a full check up will be performed by the dental implant surgeon. Then, the surgeon will assess your unique situation and will create an individual treatment plan for you, based on your situation.


Why do the specific details matter and why do you need an individual treatment plan?
Everyone’s situation is different and people may require additional treatment before an implant can be placed. In some cases there is a necessity for bone augmentation procedures such as bone grafting or sinus lift. The need for these surgical procedures can only be determined after the consultation and x-ray are undertaken and, as they are oral surgery procedures, they will result in an increased cost of treatment. Other additional procedures such as tooth extractions, hygiene, fillings or root canal treatment may also be required beforehand.

If after the examination of your teeth and your X-ray, the dental implant surgeon does not reveal the need for additional procedures , then the implant can be placed immediately during the first visit to the clinic. Altogether, the consultation and placing the implant won’t take longer than one hour.

In our clinic, we use several types of implants:

  • Alpha Bio (Israel)
  • Strauder (England)
  • Nobel Biocare (Switzerland)

The first two implant brands listed above are mid-range dental implants (starting from 1095 euros), and the latter is a premium brand, and the price reflects this (starting from 1420 euros).


Strauder Dental Implants
Strauder Dental Implants is a new and innovative dental implant brand, developed by the well known and long established Israeli dental implant manufacturer, Alpha Dent, especially for Strauder.

Strauder dental implants have a unique active 3D surface which helps facilitate the integration of the implant to the bone (osseointegration). It results in a more enhanced and more secure integration process. The 3D surface of the implants is the latest generation of dental implant surface technology. The surface is active and hydrophilic, and features a distinct layered microporous structure.

Moreover, it has incredible self-drilling capabilities which makes it possible to change the implant position during placement. This feature helps to gain high mechanical stability of the implant even in very complicated clinical cases.

Strauder Dental Implants can be placed on any kind of bone as a result of the great variety available in length and width, thus providing patients with an individual approach and a guarantee of proper aesthetics.

Strauder’s quality dental implants come with the added assurance of a lifetime guarantee.

Homepage – strauder.com


Alpha-Bio’s implant systems are designed and developed with simplicity, quality and ease-of-use in mind. This manufacturer has a broad range of products to cover all clinical cases, from the simplest to the most complex. As a result, each dentist can find the precise and most convenient implant to work with for each specific case.

Alpha Bio’s quality products come with a lifetime guarantee.

Homepage – alpha-bio.net


Nobel Biocare
Nobel Biocare is a market leader in dental implantology. The company is always developing innovative concepts of treatment and offers to patients fully functional and natural-looking tooth restorations that aspire to last a lifetime. Whatever the situation, Nobel Biocare can offer dental implants to meet the patient’s needs. Their assortment includes bone and tissue-level implants for all bone types and protocols.

Homepage – www.nobelbiocare.com

During your initial consultation, your dentist will discuss your options and advise what option works the best for you. As for additional visits – after the implant is placed, normally it takes around 3-4 months before the next step. This allows time for the implant to integrate with the bone and then the missing tooth can be replaced with a crown.